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There are tons of different blogs out there that can teach you the knowhow to successfully run a business or the best tips on how to ask that girl out at your job or school. At CL, we've learned many different things throughout the years. Much of which was learned the hard way, through experience....We have taken that experience, written it down and used it to empower our clients. Enjoy!

Are reviews really good for your business?

Time and time again we hear that it is important to have as many reviews as possible in order to increase your ranking on Google and other search engines. Nonetheless, we have other companies like yelp who state that isn't as good of an idea as we think. On Yelp, people read and write reviews about their favorite local businesses. So it might seem counter-intuitive that we actually discourage business owners from asking their customers to write reviews.



Are you ready for the new google algorithm?

Google is constantly changing its algorithm to better suit users in multiple areas. One new way that there algorithm is changing is in the way it handles security. With companies getting hacked everyday more and more security is needed to help prevent even the smallest business and protect them from the many dangers of the internet.


COming Soon...

5 Steps to finding a great web designer

Everyone wants a great website that will take their business to the next level, but knowing where to find a great web designer is the key. In today’s world there are too many people who will promise you the world in order to take your money and run. Below are a few steps you can take to protect yourself and your business.



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